New Products

CJ-5 Emergency/Park brake pull handle complete assembly – $120

Brand new D-18 rear bearing cap E-brake casting A9330 $100

Our new D-18 rear bearing cap A9330, commonly called the E-brake or park brake casting is for use on any D-18 that has, or will have a park brake installed to it. We make it with a reinforced ear, and stud mount that is not prone to breaking like the factory design. Works properly with factory components, including speedometer gears, without flaw.

We’ve been busting our chops to now have all of our HD truck transmissions in stock to convert your Jeep over to a heavy 4-speed. Including T-18 , T-98, SM-465 and the hard to find SM-420.

D-18 dual stick stainless steel shift handle kit made in the U.S.A. – $100.00

2WD Jeepster and Station Wagon front disc brake conversion kit, 46-55 Planar Suspension only.

Overdrive 3 leg boot and plate for dual stick *NEW* $38.50

Overdrive 3 leg boot and plate for dual stick *NEW* $38.50

This is a Brand new boot for use with the overdrive unit (Warn, Husky, Saturn, ATV) and a dual stick D-18. Includes 1 long lasting synthetic compound 3 shift handle boot, and 1 stainless steel plate. The plate is flat and can be formed to fit the floor exactly as needed. Made in the USA out of high quality materials. Available with new linkage separately.

D-18 & D-20 taper roller bearing shaft upgrade complete process (Regardless of tooth count or shaft size)

BRAND NEW D-44 Powerlocks, completely brand new, now available and ready to ship! Lock your stock rear end and get the traction you need without twisting axles. Available in 19 and 30 spline. $500 (call or Email for individual parts)

I’m a distributor for Crown Automotive Sales, if you need a part not listed on my website email me the part number listed on their site, and I will get back to you with price.

Power Brake Booster

The Power Brake Booster kit is the only sure way to greatly increase braking power and improving your brakes with keeping old school stock wheels by not having to upgrade to larger brakes. This kit is designed to be used with a stock single reservoir master cylinder and drum brakes. The stock master cylinder produces approximately 300 PSI of braking pressure. With the addition of a brake booster kit Installed paired with the remote vacuum tank, you can increase the pressure up to 870 PSI. The remote vacuum tank will also assist with vacuum reserve for windshield wipers operated by such. – $300.00




30% Overdrive – $1350 (temporarily out of stock)

We are offering a 30% overdrive in a 26 tooth/6 spline front shift for 4 cylinder applications. These are a new design and now now available. More information available under Overdrive Types. (Image)

John Peters has a ’65 CJ-5 with 5.38-1 gears, 4 cylinder, tires measure 28.5″. Here are his speed/rpm stats: In direct: 1st gear at 3,000 rpm = 15mph 2nd gear at 3,000 rpm = 28mph 3rd gear at 3,000 rpm = 55mph In overdrive: 1st gear at 3,000 rpm = 22mph 2nd gear at 3,000 rpm = 40mph 3rd gear at 2,300 rpm = 55mph  &  2,600 rpm = 65mph

T-98 Rebuilt Truck Style 4 Speed Transmission for 4cyl applications – $2,000

This  is a transmission fully rebuilt with all new bearings and wear components, including some used gears if we have exceptional ones on hand, otherwise they will be new. The input shaft and main shaft and adapters are always new and USA Made. It has the 15/16″ input shaft and is a direct replacement for the T-90 3-speed transmission with the short shaft. This T-98 conversion kit will use the same clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bushing, throw out arm, and all stock clutch linkage. This transmission is completely rebuilt with a new front and rear adapter installed. This transmission and conversion kit is strictly a 4 cylinder application replacement.

DSCF0032 DSCF0031 DSCF0030 DSCF0029 This T-98 conversion kit includes: 1= Rebuilt transmission includes

A= all bearings, gaskets, seals, shafts

B= upgraded torque-lock 3rd gear

C= all synchro rings

2= front adapter 3= front bearing retainer 4= shift tower and cane 5= rear adapter

A= small hole t/f case

B= large hole t/f case

C= single lever t/f case

D= dual lever t/f case

6= Special mount kit

A= transfer case mount kit with bolt

B= special bracket to attach to cross member for transmission mount

C= new transmission mount

D= hardwood spacer blocks for cross member with bolts

This conversion kit is        $ 1750.00

 Gear Ratios

1st Gear 6.40 (6.32) to 1
2nd Gear 3.09 to 1
3rd Gear 1.69 to 1
4th Gear 1.00 to 1

**Special Disc Brake Offer** Front disc brake conversion kit – $950 + Shipping.


1 – complete front disc brake conversion kit 1 – disc brake master cylinder kit 1 – proportioning valve 1 – bench bleeder kit 1 – banjo bolt kit

**Special Front Disc Brake and 11” Rear Axle Brake Kit- $1350.00 + Shipping.


1 – complete front disc brake conversion kit, rear 11” brake conversion kit, 1- disc brake master cylinder (utility or CJ) 1-  Disc drum proportioning valve 1- banjo bolt kit and 1- master cylinder bench bleeding kit.

**Special Front disc brake and rear disc brake conversion kit(For taper and flange axle applications) $1550.00 + Shipping


1- complete front disc brake conversion kit. 1- complete rear disc brake conversion kit. 1- complete disc brake master cylinder kit (for utility or CJ applications). 1- disc/disc proportioning valve. 1- banjo bolt kit. 1- bench bleeder kit.

Rear disc Brake Kit when purchased with Full Floating Axle Kit – $450

GM/Chevy Universal Motor Mounts $130.00