Heavy Duty Truck Style Transmissions

These transmissions are heavy duty in design. They are very strong and come complete with shift towers, shift handles and adapters to D-18/D-20 transfer cases

Almost all of the Heavy duty truck style transmissions have Torque Lock Sliders installed in them (They are installed in every unit that has them available). This helps us provide the best quality and longest lasting transmission possible.

Torque Lock Sliders are collars that are machined to hold the engagement teeth of the gear, providing a greatly reduced chance of popping out of gear. They work well for racing and track applications.

There is no core charge on these transmissions.

Rebuilt T-98 for 4 cyl applications, $2,000.00


Rebuilt T-18 (GM Pattern) 4 Speed, $1450.00


Rebuilt T-18 (Ford Pattern) 4 Speed, $1350.00


Rebuilt SM-465 (GM Pattern) 4 Speed, $1350.00 (Temporarily out of stock)