D-18 Dual stick stainless steel shift handle kit $100.00

These are shift handles expertly crafted here in the U.S.A. out of 303 stainless. They have a brass bushing in the pivoting eye for a lengthy lifetime of operation. The handle thread is not the stock thread, however they come with a nice set of plastic knobs and jam nuts. Anodized aluminum knobs marked with the shift pattern are also available for an additional fee, as well as different boot options.

Included with the standard kit is the following:

1: low-neutral-high stainless shift lever

1: 2wd-4wd stainless shift lever

2: Black knobs

2: Stainless jam nuts

3: wave washers (extras in case your casting is worn in excess)

1: pivot pin

1: zerk grease fitting

1: set screw

Two leg boot option (For use without D-18 installed overdrive) $28.50

Three leg boot option (For use with D-18 installed overdrive) $38.50

Anodized aluminum marked shift knob set $38.50