D-18/D-20 1 1/4″ Ultra hardened intermediate shaft

We have designed our own premium take on the D-18/D-20 1 1/4″ Intermediate shaft. Our shaft is made right here locally in the U.S.A. It is made out of heat treated tool steel, and guaranteed to Rockwell at or above 62. We have our own Rockwell tester and check them ourselves. The shaft also has two o-ring grooves to give it extra sealing against oil leaking.

This intermediate shaft can be used in place of the regular in any gearbox we are building/rebuilding for only an additional $40.00

Ultra hardened intermediate shaft – $60.00

Ultra hardened intermediate shaft kit – $80.00

includes (1) intermediate shaft (2) thrust washers (2) o-rings (3) Spacers (48) needle bearings. fits D-18 and D-20 with 1 1/4 inch shaft size.