2WD Jeepster and Station Wagon front disc brake conversion kit, 46-55 Planar Suspension only. $976.00 (with free shipping in the continental U.S.)

Front disc brake conversion kit for the 2WD Plannar suspension found on the 48-51 2WD Jeepster and 46-55 2WD Station Wagon. This is the first and only disc brake kit on the market for these vehicles, and is an incredible replacement for the stock brakes including the rare and near impossible to find 11″ Mountain brakes few of these models came stock with. Pretty basic install potentially even easier than replacing the drums and shoes (especially the ones that cant be found). This kit is tremendous for those with safety and quality in mind.

  • 1″ thick rotors and 11″ diameter, 5×4.5 bolt pattern just like the originals. Rotor is a 2WD and includes a new hub, studs included in rotor/hub. Lug nuts included.
  • Rubber hoses with banjo bolts for calipers
  • Disc brake mounting brackets and spacers
  • Loaded GM style calipers, GM style pads, and all banjo bolts/mounting hardware, all wear parts can be purchased at your local parts store.
  • Quality bearings, axle seals and spacers
  • 1/2″ wheel spacers that allow you to use your stock wheels while still keeping the weight of the car on the hub and spindle.
  • Detailed instructions
  • Options: $25.00 extra for steel braided hoses.

We also have a comprehensive install video found here:  https://youtu.be/_LsgOkQFU-0

Note: This kit does require very minor grinding on the tie rod bracket. Our kits will work with stock 15″ wheels. If you are using a disc/drum setup, a proportioning valve is recommended, we sell this item and can help you with any brake upgrades.