Power Brake Booster Kit

The Power Brake Booster kit is the only sure way to greatly increase braking power and improving your brakes with keeping old school stock wheels by not having to upgrade to larger brakes. This kit is designed to be used with a stock single reservoir master cylinder and drum brakes. The stock master cylinder produces approximately 300 PSI of braking pressure. With the addition of a brake booster kit Installed paired with the remote vacuum tank, you can increase the pressure up to 870 PSI. The remote vacuum tank will also assist with vacuum reserve for windshield wipers operated by such. $300.00

Weight for shipping 11 lbs.

Remote Brake Booster kit includes the following

  • Vacuum booster canister assembly
  • Vacuum reserve tank
  • Bolt, fittings, clamp pack
  • Galvanized bracket set (2)
  • vacuum hose set (2)
  • copper coated steel brake line
  • vacuum line  “T”


Installation pictures (Exact Install location can vary slightly)