Welcome to HermTheOverdriveGuy.Com.  I run a small company officially known as ATV Mfg. With my personal attention I can offer service and low prices unmatched by other companies.  My specialties are new and rebuilt overdrives for Jeeps with the Dana 18 transfer case.  I can also rebuild your existing overdrive for a very reasonable fee. Apart from overdrives We also either Re-manufacture, build or rebuild almost every transmission, transfer-case, gearbox, and brake system component that was ever put into an early Jeep vehicle. As well as many other automotive applications. We can and will ship our products with the smartest costs all around the world through parcel companies and airlines alike.0605bf80

    We offer high quality products with no short cuts. We test parts of not only our own, but items we supply from other manufacturers as well. This is a process that has many ways to test, from fitting the parts against a large supply of OEM parts all the way to measuring hardness on our very own Rockwell Scale.
      A Rockwell Scale is a machine that measures an items hardness by indentation of a diamond tip. The machine indents the material with the diamond tip, then measures just how far the indentation traveled. This is a very reliable method for making sure we are producing high quality parts that meet our ideal standards.
     I stand behind all my products and services.  Should you experience any sort of problem, please contact me right away.
All prices are subject to change before this website can be revised.  Please contact me for the latest prices when ordering. Parts received may differ slightly from parts in images.

Get Involved!  Join a club and meet some friends and enjoy an opportunity to learn.  Four wheel drive clubs are very helpful for an avid and a novice four wheeler to belong to. The members will know where you can four wheel legally, information about playdays, and races that are held in your area. You can learn proper skills of four wheeling so you can minimize the possibility of getting injured (both your self and your family and your rig). You can learn the importance of a winch and how to properly use them so you don’t get hurt. The usefullness of air pressure off road and four wheeling skills. Find a club in your area and join for a lot of fun. I’ve been a long time member of the Vancouver 4 Wheelers.  Please take a moment to visit their site if you’re interested