Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Our rear disc brakes conversion kits are a great way to modernize your classic rig to an optimal braking system. It is designed to install easily and work hard for a lengthy life span.

Our rear disc kits do fit the D-44 and D-41 rear differentials on multiple vehicles, however they do not fit the D-30.

Our rear disc brake conversion kit is fairly basic to install if you have any experience with axles and brakes. You will need to know how to stack your axle end just like stock, as the only difference from that and installing this kit is putting the bracket on the back and substituting our spacers for the backing plate. After that its basically the same process you do when you change your disc brake pads on most vehicles


We have two applications available:

#41 and #44 tapered and flanged axle rear differentials

Centered or offset differentials—-$600.00

#41 and #44 full floating rear differential conversion kits–$700.00

#41 and #44 centered or offset taper or flange rear disc brake kit with E-brake — $800.00 (Includes same parts as normal rear disc kit, with Special E-brake calipers) This does not include E-brake cables. This kit may need slight modifications depending on exact application.

Because of the large calipers and brackets we use in our kits you may not be able to use a stock 15″ or 16″ steel wheel. Aftermarket wheels, Aluminum or Steel, generally allow for clearance.

Weight for shipping 57 lbs.

A conversion kit is not a direct replacement. It is a kit that replaces the stock system because of safety, better wear and durability, and better availability of parts whether it is for brakes, steering or drivetrain components. Conversion kits are designed for assistance in the replacement of stock components and may require some alterations that may differ from the normal installation procedures. Some fabricating skills may be needed. Parts received may differ slightly from parts in image.