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Interior Components

Solid Hand Made Replacement Wood Hood Blocks – $14 Pair

(Bolts, washers, and nuts included)

Wood Hood Blocks

D-18 Twin Stick Conversion Kit – $235 (Newly back in stock)

This kit includes all the parts you will Dana 18 Twin Stick Conversionneed to convert your single stick D-18 transfer case to a dual stick.  Military housings and pins are also available. This kit includes a reconditioned dual stick extension housing,   2 reconditioned shift rails, 1  pivot pin for the transfer case levers, 2 transfer case shift levers with knobs, housing gasket, felt seal, output shaft seal and two shift rail seals, existing shift forks are reused. More comprehensive kits are available as well as double lip seals.

Replacement RadiatorAuto Radiator1

Manual Transmission – $220

Automatic Transmission – $300

Additional pictures

3 core aluminum radiator direct replacement for CJ-2A/MB 4cyl. $225

CJ-2A/CJ3-A/CJ-3B Windshield Defroster Manifold – $48Jeep defroster

This defroster manifold is a reproduction of the original factory part used on the CJ-3B windshield frame.  The manifold comes with two mounting brackets and fasteners.  This manifold is also applicable to the CJ-2A and CJ-3A Universal Jeeps.

More Information

Individual wiper motor assemblies

This wiper motor assembly has a stainless Jeep wiper motor SS 1steel case and is marine quality and comes complete with the wiper arm and blade.

A-17508-SS6v—-6 volt wiper assembly—-$ 66.00

A-17508-SS12v–12 volt wiper assembly—-$ 66.00

ATV Heavy Duty Wiper Motor – $120heavy duty 12v wiper2

This is a heavy duty American Bosch motor assembly that was original equipment on the early CJ’s with the overhead wipers. This is a gear drive unit.  wiper arm and blade do not come with this assembly. (See Images)

Windshield Washer Kit – $56

Windshield Washer Kit.  Complete kit Wiper Washer Kitincludes Tygon hose, wiring, washer motor, reservoir, adjustable nozzles and push button switch.

ATV #EWM-12/2SPD Volt Wiper Motor Conversion Kit – $185

This conversion kit replaces the stock vacuum wiper motor with a 2-speed electric motor on the early Jeep Utility Wagons, Pickups and 1948-51 Jeepsters.  This assembly attaches to the firewall in the same position as original with four screws and utilizes the stock drive cables under the dash.  The kit also includes a new switch that resembles and replaces the original vacuum wiper switch.12V wiper motor conversion

Also we have an optional switch that adds a washer function – $12

Hood Welting Kit – $20

Hood Welting kit

Underseat Fuel Tank Neck Grommet – #663502 – $4.50Underseat Fuel Grommet

V6/GM Bellhousing Dust Boot – $4.50

Bellhousing Dust bootBellhousing Dust boot2

Replacement Rubber Pedal Covers – $7.50  eachPedal covers

Mirror Kits – Black $48, Stainless $65

Includes right and left sides. Bolts to cowl/windshield brackets on CJ-5.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel



4-Cylinder Driveline Mounting Kit  – $20

Includes the following:

Qty Part Number Description
1 6156 Rear Cross-Member Mount
2 638629 Engine Mount
1 926671 Transfer Case Doughnut Mount
1 801042 Transfer Case Sunnber Mount
1 A147 Transfer Case Support Bolt

CJ-3A windshield cowl rubber – $ 25

CJ-3A Cowl Rubber

CJ-3A Cowl Rubber

CJ-5 early windshield cowl rubber – (1975 and earlier) – $ 40

CJ-5 late windshield cowl rubber- (1975 and later) – $35

Windshield Glass rubber and lock bead kit (Cj-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, M-38) – $35

MB windshield cowl rubber, A2476 – $ 30

MB Windshield Cowl Rubber

MB Windshield Cowl Rubber

GM Universal engine mount kit for V-6 or V-8 application – $ 130

Our mount kit can be bolted in or welded in. Our brackets are laser cut and bent for strength and durability. We use the same transfercase mount parts for the rubber of the D-18 this way replacement parts are easy to come by and obtainable.

Speedometer Cable – Universal fit – All Jeep applications – $16

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