Hunting Trips

Cheryl's First Elk

Cheryl’s First Elk – 1994

2012 Hunting Season

Dallas’ cow elk

Dallas beside his Cow Elk

Cheryl and Herm with Elk in truck. Had 2 special Cow Elk tags, and got both on Jan 4.

One of the Cows hanging before quartering & skinning.

Winch elk up hill to load whole into back of truck using snatch block on a tree

winching Cheryl’s elk up hill to load into truck with marty’s help

Mike and Marty assisting hauling elk up hill

Mike and Marty assisting elk with rope line up the hill

Mike, Marty and Payton assisting with retrevial of elk

Cheryl’s cow elk

Mike helping with Herms cow elk

Marty helping with Cheryls cow elk

Marty with his cow elk with rope attach ready to load