All of our re-manufactured transmissions have all upgrades that are available, we also install torque-lock slider assemblies which strengthen the synchro mesh in select transmissions. We have transmissions that have a “core charge” applied to them, this charge can be refunded upon our receiving of a sufficient exact application core of what you intend to or have purchased. Without the core being an exact match it may leave us unable to re-stock or provide the same transmission to anyone, leaving it up to our discretion to refuse a refund.

If you have a transmission you would like re-manufactured that is not listed, we have those rebuild services available.

Re-manufacturing is a process by which the assemblies are serviced to “like new” condition. The whole unit is completely disassembled down to its main components (cases, gears, shafts, etc). Wear parts are discarded at this time. Usable components are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and reconditioned or replaced if necessary. The unit is then reassembled using all new wear items such as bearings, springs, snap rings, lay shafts, thrust washers, gaskets, seals, etc. The product is then fully inspected. This process yields the “like new” performance most customers expect.

Remanufacturing is the process ATV MFG uses!

This is a process of repairing or “fixing” an assembly to make it fully serviceable or “useable” again. In this process, the item is completely torn down and cleaned, each and every part that generates wear is replaced with new parts if not up to our standards. The parts that are replaced include bearings, seals, thrust washers, snap rings, springs and all other small parts. More often than not we replace shafts and gears with brand new OEM spec parts as well. Things like the main case, shift tower and sometimes retainers get reused; These parts are only reused when they are in good condition and we can resurface them. This type of product is much better than what customers are generally able to find when obtaining a replacement gearbox for their early vehicle.

We unfortunately can NOT guarantee zero oil leaks on any of our gearboxes, as most of the early stock gearboxes leaked right from the get go. We use many superior methods and materials to fix known leaks, we still can not guarantee zero oil leaks.




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