Warranty Information

We are proud to offer a high quality and reliable product that we intend to perform exceptionally. If however there is an issue that was unexpected we take our warranties very seriously, and intend to leave no customer of ours in the dark.

All products are sold and distributed by our company without exception. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement.  We do not offer any type of labor allowance and all warranty claims are subject to inspection by  ATV MFG.

Rebuilt assemblies are warranted for 90 days from the date of shipment.

Overdrives are warrantied for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. These products will be free of defects in material and workmanship under the customary and normal installation, use, and service.

ATV Mfg. will not accept any partial returns such as kits missing components. If a kit is purchased and returned it will need to be complete as it came upon return for credit. This applies to all kits we offer. All returns without cause will only be accepted 30 days from date of recieving the shipment unless otherwise personally arranged with us.

Any warranty will be voided by, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Inadequate mounting or installation, water damage, alteration, modification, misuse or failure to maintain.
  • Damage in any part caused by: (1) vehicle systems or components or (2) use in conjunction with improper products.
  • Normal wear and tear/product deterioration (brake shoes for example)
  • Improper or lack of lubrication (such as low oil).
  • Accidents, impact, trees, obstacles or other aspects of the use environment.
  • Excessive torque while tightening or unnecessary impact use.
  • Theft, vandalism or any other negligent or intentional damage.

We will NOT be responsible for any loss of use or time, labor costs to remove and replace products or for any damages you may have or incur in connection with your vehicle, or installation.


Be sure and monitor the level of your gearboxes. If at any time within the one year warranty period you have a problem or a claim, simply return the assembly prepaid to ATV Mfg with the original invoice of sale along with the problem you are having and the assembly will be inspected and repaired.  If it is found that lack of oil, abuse, or improper installation was a determining factor other charges may apply. Most of our transmissions, transfer cases, and overdrives were designed to use 80-90 weight gear oil. I DO NOT recommend synthetic oils in any transmission or transfer case or overdrive that we sell unless otherwise noted. New style transmissions use ATF or mineral oil or 50 weight oil depending on the application. The reason in the difference of the oils is for proper lubrication and proper operation of the synchromesh.


Oil Chart

Jeep Transmissions

T-4   –   ATF
T-5   –   ATF
SR-4   –   80w-90
AX-4   –   75w-90
AX-5   –   75w-90
AX-15   –   75w-90
NV3550   –   Mopar #4874464
T-84   –   80w-90
T-86   –   80w-90
T-14   –   80w-90
T-15   –   80w-90
T-90   –   80w-90
T-96   –   80w-90
BA-10   –   75w-90
T-150   –   80w-90
T-176   –   80w-90
Saginaw   –   80w-90
Muncie   –   80w-90
T-10   –   80w-90
NV4500   –   GM #12346190
SM 465   –   80w-90
SM 420   –   80w-90
SROD   –   80w
RTS   –   50w
RUG   –   50w
T-18   –   80w-90
T-19   –   80w-90
T-98   –   80w-90

D-18 Overdrives

ATV   –   80w-90
Saturn   –   80w-90
Warn   –   80w-90
Husky   –   80w-90
Selectro   –   80w-90
Dualamatic   –   80w-90


ATV Mfg will accept returned parts within 30 days if they are in the original packaging and unused and not installed. Any deviation from this policy will be subject to a 20% restocking charge. All returns must have the accompaning sales invoice with the shipment It will be at the discretion of ATV Mfg whether the products in question can be repaired or replaced if found defective.

All Parts including transmissions, overdrives, transfer cases and other related parts not paid for or arrangements made for will be sold for storage if not claimed within 90 days. Please stay in contact with us if we have your parts or assemblies. All parts shipped to us should include complete contact information including your phone number.