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Packing requirements and penalties for customers

If you think that you are going to pack your shipment to us with Styrofoam peanuts or something similar, Air bags, spray foam, or liquid foam I guarantee you there will be a surcharge attached to your bill. Oily and dirty parts should be put in a trash bag or zip lock bag as any leakage will be considered hazardous material by the carrier. Please use newspaper, craft paper, t-shirts, nightgowns, shop rags, cardboard, boxes, wood and make sure your parts are packed tightly or they will come out of the box.

Please select any parts that you would like to order or have questions about and e-mail me. I answer all my e-mails every morning before we open shop. Sometimes our phone gets busy and it is difficult to get through as we only have one line available to us in our area. When you e-mail please include your postal zip code. I will answer your questions and if you request a quote I will quote the parts and shipping. Because I am always trying to keep shipping costs to a minimum, it would be helpful if you supply me with a physical delivery address as well as a postal address. Sometimes I will ship part of your order with Federal Express and other times I will use the Post Office for small shipments. All shipments will require a signature. If you are not going to be able to personally receive the shipmentyou  may have to redirect it to a Fed Ex location for pickup. It is very important that I have a customers phone number, so that you can be contacted if not home to receive a delivery. If you live in a gated community, please make arrangements to have your package delivered to an accessible address. Large shipments that require truck delivery I will need a postal zip code as well. Some shipments are split between Federal Express and the Post Office to save on shipping charges. Please supply physical address as well mailing address. Please open all shipments and check contents against the packing slip to make sure all parts are in your shipment. Any shortages need to be reported within 5 days of receipt to be corrected. If any incorrect parts are shipped, a call tag can be mailed for its return.

Truck shipments will require a commercial delivery address with fork lift availability. A commercial delivery address is one that has a store front that is open to the public and you have the availability to unload the shipment without help from the driver with a forklift unless previous arrangements are made. Any deviation from this will be the receivers responsibility.

Truck lines charge extra for these items:

  1. Making phone calls to let you know your shipment has arrived ($25.00)
  2. Lift gate delivery ($45.00)
  3. Residential delivery ($125.00)
  4. Attempted delivery requiring a second delivery date ($60.00)

These are very real charges, take note.

When we ship by truck we will notify you of the pro number (needed for tracking the shipment), the truck line and their contact information the day the shipment leaves. If any part of the shipment seems  to be damaged or missing, please make a note on the shipping documents when you sign in the presence of the driver for your protection.

Discount price Airline Direct Shipments

We are set up as “know shippers” with air Cargo companies that we ship with.  We do not have to use freight forwarders when we ship this way which saves a customer money  with their shipping needs. We use this service for domestic shipments as well as international shipments.

Domestic shipments

        The requirements for these shipments to be received is as simple as going to the air cargo terminal at the designated airport and showing identification of the receiving person and picking up your prepaid freight

International shipments

         The requirements for these shipments to be received is as simple as going to the air cargo terminal at the designated airport and showing identification of the receiving person, you will be given some paperwork to take to the local customs office, usually at the airport, where you will show identification, pay any duty and local taxes, which you will pay no matter what carrier handles your shipment, but no customs clearance charges because you are clearing the shipment yourself. The customs office will stamp your paperwork as cleared which you return to the air cargo terminal and present the paperwork to them and they release your shipment. This type of shipment will save at least 60% of the shipping cost compared to other methods of shipping.

I stand behind all my products and services.  Should you experience any sort of problem, please contact me right away.

For more information and ordering, contact me at:

Herm Tilford (dba ATV Mfg. Inc.)

18902 NE 164th St. (Shipping Address)

P.O. Box 805 (USPS Mailing Address)

Brush Prairie, WA 98606

(360) 256-3843 Phone

(360) 892-2220 Fax

I’m not always available to answer the phone immediately.  Please leave a name, number and best time (including time zone) for me to return your call.

Terminology to keep in mind when ordering our items:

New: The item will be brand new and never used. The appearance of the item and box may seem slightly distressed depending on the item (things like new-old-stock may be the last of the U.S. made part of that type and 50+ years old) but will have never been used and in new shape.

Re-manufactured: These items have been completely rebuilt with all new gears, bearings, and small parts. most of our re-manufactured items have all new shafts as well, there are certain shafts that we will always replace when re-manufacturing such as cluster shafts and some others. A good portion of our re-manufactured items have new housings and cases as well, but may have visibly used cases or housings.

Rebuilt/Reconditioned: These items have been completely tore down, cleaned and are rebuilt with all new bearings, small parts, and seals. Wear components such as bushings, thrust washers, synchro rings and more are replaced as well for a quality gearbox. Some gears and shafts may be replaced as well, depending on the quality of the used ones being worked with. Housings and some other parts will be used and may show cosmetic wear or minor damage that will not impact proper function.

Used: The item will have been used previously and surely in working shape unless otherwise stated in the description. All accessories may not be included, please read the description and call or e-mail us with any questions.

As-Is: Items such as this are most often that not only for parts or a less than functional use. The item will be very dependent on the type of use it has and will not be guaranteed by us. This means no warranty, no refunds, and no returns on ONLY the items marked with this AS-IS.

When rebuilding or supplying gearboxes we can not guarantee no oil leaks as many of the early gearboxes have always leaked. Although we go through a very strenuous process to ensure we have eliminated any way the gearboxes might leak, such as our special custom made double lip seals for our D-18 and 20 transfercase yolks, as well as new or resurfaced yolks.

For any other questions of confusion on terminology or exact end product of an item, please call or E-mail us.

I’ve recently updated my email address.  Please update your address books, if needed.  My new address is :

Email:  hermtheoverdriveguy@outlook.com


The heavy weight sticker is put on all boxes over 50lbs. These are to call attention to the heavy contents and possible damage that can occur during transit. Please inspect all shipments upon receipt for any apparent damage and make note of it when you sign for its release from the shipper.


This tag is on the package for a reason. It states exactly what to do. Write these words, “Possible internal damage”, with your signature. This way if there is damage to the contents after you open it we can file a loss claim.

Payment Information to ATV Mfg:

We no longer accept paypal or credit cards because of their excessive charges, and the extra time. This will enable us to maintain current pricing on our products.

Money Orders(U.S. Only) or Bank Wires

Direct deposits available with Bank of America

Walmart Wire Transfers (Name, state, Phone# and a cheap fee at any Walmart)

Western Union Wire Transfers

Personal and company checks accepted(From U.S. bank accounts), when checks clear parts will be shipped.

International orders welcome, please contact me for details.

All parts including Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Overdrives, and other related parts held over 90 days without payment in full, or other arrangements will be sold for storage.

For shipping quotes, include ZIP or Postal Code.

Domestic and International Shipping daily through the following shippers:

U.S. Postal Service

Domestic U.S. shipping(Subject to the always changing prices):

flat rate envelope 4# limit—————————$10.00

small flat rate box 4# limit————————–$10.00

padded flat rate envelope 4# limit—————–$10.00

medium flat rate box 70# limit———————$18.00

large flate rate box 70# limit ———————–$24.00

Canadian shipments:

flat rate envelope 4# limit ————————–$30.00

padded flat rate envelope 4# limit —————-$30.00

small flat rate box————————————$30.00

medium flat rate box 20# limit———————$55.00

large flat rate box 20# limit ————————$70.00

International shipments:

flat rate envelope 4# limit—————————$40.00

padded flat rate envelope 4# limit —————-$40.00

small flat rate box 4# limit————————–$40.00

medium flat rate box 20# limit———————$80.00

large flat rate box 20# LIMIT ———————-$100.00

All shipments whether by Federal Express, US Postal Service, D.B. Schenker or truck lines are shipped signature required. Be sure you have someone to sign for the shipment.  If any shipment appears to have been tampered with or damaged please sign “POSSIBLE INTERNAL DAMAGE’ along with your signature to protect your self.  If there is damage and you sign off on delivery, you are releasing the shipper (myself) and the carrier from all liability for damage and you have received the shipment in good condition, when in doubt sign “POSSIBLE INTERNAL DAMAGE”.


If you are send anything to us for repair please put identification in the box.  DO NOT USE PEANUTS.  If any oily or greasy parts are shipped with styrofoam, there will be a $25 charge for cleaning the parts. Peanuts do not mix with greasy gears because the gears move  around within peanuts.    If you use peanuts when you ship parts or products to me there will be an additional charge of $25.00 added to your repair bill.  DO NOT USE PEANUTS.

C. O. D. shipments will require cash for payment, add $10.00 COD fee to shipping cost

UPS shipping with your shipping label only

Federal Express Home——————–delivery 6 days a week

Federal Express Ground——————delivery 5 days a week

Federal Express Air————————-delivery 5 days a week

Federal Express International———delivery 5 days a week

Direct Airline, Airport to Airport —-predetermined delivery

Truck shipments for all other items are available for incoming repairs and outgoing shipiments in excess of 150#.  I can arrange both incoming and outgoing freight.  If you have special shipping needs, please let me know.  In order to obtain a quote, I will need dimensions, weight and zipcodes (shipping and/or destination).

I have special arrangements with these shippers for the best possible rates not available elsewhere.  I never charge an additional packaging or handling fee.

We have special carriers and special rates for customers in Hawaii with Hawaiian air cargo for airport pickup.

We have special carriers and special rates for customers in Alaska with Alaska air cargo for airport pickup.

International Shippers

We offer shipments to major airports around the world for air port pickup through the following air cargo carriers: Alaska air cargo, American air cargo, Delta air cargo, Hawaiian air cargo. Serving America, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, England and more.

Shipments you are sending to us for repair:

The cheapest way to ship in small packages will be the Post Office. There have numerous flat rate boxes available for free from the post office starting at $8.00 without insurance. We have rural mail delivery every day.

Packing Materials:

The packing material to use is Newspaper or other paper products. Any oily parts should be put in a plastic bag like a zip lock bag. If oil stains the package, it cam be sidelined for hazardous material and held up for a considerable amount of time delaying your shipment by the shipping company.

  • Do not use peanuts or any type of styrofoam products
  • Do not use air bags of any type
  • Do not use shopping bags
  • Do not use plastic grocery bags

If you use any Styrofoam products, air bags or other foreign material you can expect a surcharge on your repair.

Use Newspaper

Pack your parts so that they will not move in the box. If your parts move inside the box they will more than likely create a hole and parts will be lost. Pack your parts tightly with newspaper.


All products are sold and distributed by our company without exception. Warranty is
limited to repair or replacement.  We do not offer any type of labor allowance
and all warranty claims are subject to inspection by  ATV MFG.

Rebuilt assemblies are warranted for 90 days from the date of shipment.

Overdrives have a limited warranty for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. These products will be free of defects in material and workmanship under the customary and normal installation, use, and service.

No Warrenty is allowed if an assembly has had improper maintenance and lubrication.  If you have a leak, be sure and monitor the level of your gearboxes. If at any time within the one year warranty period you have a problem or a claim, simply return the assembly prepaid to ATV Mfg with the original invoice of sale along with the problem you are having and the assembly will be inspected and repaired.  If it is found that lack of oil, abuse, or improper installation was a determining factor other charges may apply.

ATV Mfg will accept returned parts if they are in the original packaging and unused and
not installed. Any deviation from this policy will be subject to a 20%
restocking charge. All returns must have the correlating sales invoice accompanying the shipment. It will be at the discretion of ATV Mfg whether the products in question can be repaired or replaced if found defective.

ATV Mfg. will not accept any partial returns such as kits missing components. If a kit is purchased and returned it will need to be complete as it came upon return for credit. This applies to all kits we offer. All returns without cause will only be accepted 30 days from date of receiving the shipment unless otherwise personally arranged with us.

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