Rebuild Kits

We offer many different rebuild kits for complete overhauls as well as just kits to reseal gearboxes. We choose our parts very carefully as we use the very same rebuild kits in our units that we have to warranty and stand behind. We use parts that have the best median of quality for the price with no short cuts or cheap quickly worn parts. Feel free to inquire about origin or brand of parts.

The items that each rebuild kit contains differs from kit to kit. Most kits come with the core parts that wear and need replacing every time you overhaul. Usually including but not limited to: Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, and small friction wearing parts such as thrust washers and springs.

If you do not see any rebuild kit here for something on an early Jeep vehicle or anything we work on, please inquire, we will most likely have what you are looking for. If we do not, we are more than happy to order or piece together what you need.

All rebuild kits have a flat rate of $16.00 USD shipping anywhere within the U.S. We also can ship them outside the U.S. almost anywhere with a cost we can provide once we have an address.

Transmission rebuild kits

Transfercase rebuild kits

Differential rebuild kits

Overdrive rebuild kits

Power-Take-Off rebuild kits

Winch rebuild kits