Borg-Warner Overdrives

Borg-Warner (Rancho) Overdrives

For in depth info on These overdrives you can check out This piece by it is very informative and helpful to understand these overdrives.

T-90, Dana-18, and Borg-Warner Overdrive Assembly
T-90, Dana-18, and Borg-Warner Overdrive Assembly; Painted and Ready to Install

Jeepster trans2Jeepster Trans
Besides the popular Warn overdrive, there is another type you might find on an old Jeep.  The Borg-Warner overdrive is different than the Warn overdrive.  It was originally designed for two wheel drive applications.  An adapter kit was once available to mount one behind the Dana 18 transfer case.  The rear driveshaft had to be shortened. Overdrive was only useable in 2WD.  The Borg-Warner unit was a forerunner of the Warn overdrive.  Once the Warn unit was introduced in the early 1960’s, sales dropped off considerably because of the complex installation.

Reconditioned D-20 Borg Warner overdrive assmebly $500

Reconditioned with new bearings, seals, small parts. Comes with rebuilt governor. Does not include solenoid. 6 Volt or 12 volt solenoid, speedometor cable and engagement cable available seperatly.

All Overdrives use 80-90w weight oil, GL-4 is ideal. Do NOT use synthetic oil.


I carry the following electrical components for the Borg-Warner Overdrive:

Governor gear (used)————————–$ 20.00

New Reverse rail switch (image)—-original——$ 30.00

12-Volt new solenoid (image)——————$ 330.00

6-Volt new solenoid—————————–$ 330.00

New relay (from England) (images)—-original—-$ 85.00

New kick-down switch (image)—-original——–$ 46.00

Overdrive engagement cable assembly w/ bracket (image)—–$ 68.00

Externally fused 6 volt relay (image)————————-$ 185.00

Externally fused 12 volt relay (images)———————-$ 75.00

Borg-Warner R-10 Needles, includes 12, (image) – $20.00

Borg-Warner R-11 Needles, includes 12, – $25.00

Replacement speedometer cable and housing, teardrop style w/clamp—$ 68.00

Replacement speedometer cable and housing, standard style————–$ 16.00

Borg-Warner Book for R-10 & R-11 Overdrives by Randy Rundle (image)—–$ 15.00

Borg-Warner replacement governor gear ( 3 styles available) ————–$20.00 ea

Borg-Warner R-10 3 gear pinion cage – $150.00

Borg-Warner R11 4 gear pinion cage – $350.00

If you need any other internal component parts, please call, I have an extensive supply of used Borg-Warner parts available.

Other Borg-Warner Overdrive replacement hard parts available.

Borg-Warner Blown-up Schematic