Shipping options (Outbound+Inbound)

We have multiple shipping options for the safest and cheapest method possible as well as overnight options for extra cost if you are in a hurry. For certain inbound rebuilds and cores we may be able to schedule a pick-up or send a shipping label to save money and time.

USPS: Our most used method for small items. A variety of flat rate boxes available that range from sending bolts to drum brakes or similar heavier mid size objects, they are sent 2-Day Priority and start at $8

FedEx Ground: Our most used method for items such as transmissions and other large items. FedEx Ground rates range widely depending on the weight, we are happy to give quotes regarding shipments.

FedEx Express: Our most used method for International shipments as well as rush shipments, much more expensive than Ground, also ranging widely depending on weight.

LTL Truck: Our most used method for large shipments over 150 pounds. The carrier depends on your location within the U.S. and this method can be cheaper than Ground depending on the combined weight of the items.


When shipping:

  • Pack all items tight and secure to not move
  • Do NOT use Styrofoam or packing peanuts
  • Use cardboard and paper products to pack
  • Pack boxes with sufficient padding in-between the sides
  • Do NOT ship a box with oily parts that might contaminate the box