Rebuilt RTS 4 Speed Overdrive (3+1) $1500

DSCF0011 DSCF0010 DSCF0009

This transmission is called an RTS.  The RTS transmission is an alternative replacement as a heavy duty transmission with overdrive for D-18 and D-20 transfer cases. It can be used in conjunction with a  (WARN) style OD as well. When used this way, the RTS gives up to a 43% increase in speed and a 43% reduction in RPM. (Overdrive ratio varies depending on exact egar set used).

It is a heavy duty transmission originally installed in Ford pickups and Ford Broncos. It has an aluminum case with an aluminum shift tower with a cane shifter.

The RTS has large heavy duty bearings, is completely rebuilt and comes with an adapter for a D-18 or a D-20 transfer case.

This transmission is a good replacement for the T-14 transmission behind a V-6. This application requires a special adapter and pilot bushing to bolt to the GM bellhousing which is available separately ($222)

The RTS is also a direct replacement for the T-150 transmission (’76-’80 CJ’s) that bolts direct to the 258 6 cylinder(4 liter) and 304 V-8 with the D-20 transfer case.

The RTS is also adaptable the the ’72-’75 258 6 cylinder and 304 V-8 with the changing of the bellhousing with the D-20 transfer case.

1st Gear 3.25 to 1
2nd Gear 1.92 to 1
3rd Gear 1.00 to 1
4th Gear 0.78 to 1
Reverse 3.25 to 1

The history of the RTS Overdrive Transmission we use.

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