Used Parts

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Reconditioned Shift Towers – Starting at $35

    • T-14
    • T-84
    • T-86
    • T-90
    • T-150


Bell housing’s

Cast Iron 4 Cyl Style

Cast Iron I-6 Style

V-6 Buick

Chev Aluminum

Chev Cast Iron



Trans Adapt

Used Adapters

GM to T-14 Transmission

GM to T-15 Transmission

Ford to T-90 Transmission

GM to T-90 Transmission

GM to Ford Transmission

T-350 to Dana 20 Transfer Case

Divorced Dana 18 Transfer Case

727 Torque Flite to Dana 20

Muncie to Dana 20

SM420 to Dana 18 Transfer Case

Saginaw to Dana 18

T-85 to Dana 18 Transfer Case

GM to T-89 Transmission


Misc Parts

#41 Taper Axle Flange Hub

#44 Taper Axle Flange Hub

#25-27 Used Spindles

#25-27 Used Wheel Bearing Hubs


Used Axles

#27 Front Spicer Axles for CJ’s and Utilities

#44 Rear Tapered Axles for CJ’s and Utilities, 10 Spline and 19 Spline



#44 4 series 30-spline used

Model #20 3 series used

Model #20 4 series used