T-96 Transmissions

T-96  Rebuild services available with overdrive, without overdrive, and in two wheel drive. call for specifics on pricing based on your transmission. To receive a core refund for your transmission the core MUST match the transmission you are purchasing, and must be complete. A Utility T-96 will not be a sufficient core for a Jeepster T-96 etc.

These T-96 Transmissions will fit against the 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

1946-1955 two wheel drive Utility w/o overdrive – $450.00. Core charge-$125.00

1946-1955 two wheel drive Utility with overdrive – $650.00. Core charge-$200.00

1946-1955 two wheel drive jeepster w/ overdrive(Does not include solenoid or governor) – $750.00. Core charge-$ 300.00

Jeepster Trans Jeepster trans2

Bearing & Seal Kit – $135, Labor – $200 includes checking the operation of the solenoid, does not include gear replacement.

Rebuilt solenoids available & all Borg Warner overdrive parts available.

Borg Warner Overdrives