T-96 Transmissions

T-96 Rebuilt units are done with all new small parts kits, high quality bearings (sealed front and rear to prevent oil leaks). Rebuild services available with overdrive, without overdrive, and in two wheel drive. call for specifics on pricing based on your transmission. To receive a core refund for your transmission the core MUST match the transmission you are purchasing, and must be complete. A Utility T-96 will not be a sufficient core for a Jeepster T-96 etc.

These T-96 Transmissions will fit against the 4 cylinder engines.

1946-1955 two wheel drive Utility w/o overdrive – $500.00. Core charge-$200.00

1946-1955 two wheel drive Utility with overdrive – $700.00. Core charge-$200.00

1946-1955 two wheel drive jeepster w/ overdrive(Does not include solenoid or governor) – $900.00. Core charge-$ 500.00

Jeepster Trans Jeepster trans2

Bearing & Seal Kit – $135, Labor – $200 includes checking the operation of the solenoid, does not include gear replacement.

Rebuilt solenoids available & all Borg Warner overdrive parts available.

Borg Warner Overdrives

The position of the governor will determine which T-96 / BW Overdrive you have. For the most part it will be clocked either straight up and down, or angled out to the side. Cores are only accepted of the same governor clocking position.

T-96 outright top shift tower