T-84 Transmissions

Re-manufactured T-84 3 Speed $1300, Core charge:$500

The T-84 transmission has a sliding straight tooth gear for 1st & R, with a synchronized 2nd & 3rd. We bench test every transmission before it leaves the shop and we use as much original parts as we are able to. The steep core charge is due to the NEED for an original T-84 case, shift rails, and forks in order to build a working quality gearbox.

This transmission is completely re-manufactured and is all new gears,  shafts and small parts. Core charge is $500.  Shift tower and corresponding components available separately.

1st Gear 2.94 to 1
2nd Gear 1.94 to 1
3rd Gear 1.00 to 1

T-84 complete shift tower all new components: $285

T-84 “F” Script case and related parts, all new gears – $1500, Core charge: $500

This Transmission is completely built with “F” script parts. All gears and shafts are new.

T-84 MA Side Shift all new gears outright – $1700

This is a side shift adapted T-84. All gears and shafts are new.