Rebuilt T-98 (Jeep or Ford Pattern) 4 Speed, $1100

This transmission is completely rebuilt and comes with the 10 spline  1 1/8″ input shaft and the adapter for a D-18 small hole or a D-18 or a D-20 large hole t/f case.

The T-98 is a heavy duty truck style 4 speed transmission with a granny low 1st gear. It was used in ford trucks from 1947 and up. It was used up until 1972 in jeep vehicles. They have a total length of 11.9 inches and weigh 145 pounds.

This transmission comes complete with: shift tower, shift handle, new adapter kit, & torque lock sliders. Torque lock sliders are specially machined shift collars with a groove to prevent slipping out of gear in the future.

1st Gear 6.40 (6.32) to 1
2nd Gear 3.09 to 1
3rd Gear 1.69 to 1
4th Gear 1.00 to 1