Rear disc brake kit instructions

Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit Instructions

Our brackets are marked, L Bracket – Driver side/R Bracket – Passenger side (These pictures depict the driver side)

    Our rear disc brake conversion kit is fairly basic to install if you have any experience with axles and brakes. You will need to know how to stack your axle end just like stock, as the only difference from that and installing this kit is putting the bracket on the back and substituting our spacers for the backing plate. After that its basically the same process you do when you change your disc brake pads on most vehicles. First you will need to Remove all rear components so that the axle with the rear axle bearing and race is sticking out of the differential housing. You will need to remove the brake drum from the tapered axle hub and press the new studs supplied before installation.

    Next you will attach the caliper bracket on the inboard side of the differential flange. Install the six bolts (5 longer bolts holding the bracket with a sixth shorter bolt not holding the bracket) supplied from the inboard side outward through the caliper bracket with the bend outward toward the wheel.

    Angle the brackets at about 2:00 O’clock for the driver side and 10:00 O’clock for passenger side so they appear to be leaning towards the rear of the vehicle. Next you will need to install the appropriate amount of shims with the bearing plate, followed by the 2 halfmoon spacers (these replace the original backing plate). You will then put a gasket for the grease retainer (not supplied) next the grease retainer (not supplied) another gasket (not supplied), next the grease protector shield (not supplied) . The taper axle hub  is then installed onto the axle with your axle key, install the washer and axle nut and tighten to 110 lb-ft. before installing the rotor. The rotor is then installed loose over the hub. Your wheel will hold the rotor in place. Install the caliper and the pads supplied for finished installation.

Stock or OEM wheels will not clear a disc brake operation

We strongly recommend replacing your grease seals, gaskets, and axle key while you already have everything stripped off. It is some preventative maintenance worth doing.