D-18 & D-20 Taper Bearing Intermediate Shaft Upgrade

This is a kit that is meant to both make your Transfercase stronger and more quiet. It does however require your intermediate gear to be machined, we offer this process as well. Additional $300 to install additionally to any of our T-case builds.


  • D-18 Transfercase
  • D-20 Transfercase
  • Stock gears (New or Used)
  • Tera-Low gears (Or other similar aftermarket)
  • Transfercases with overdrives
  • Both 1 1/8 & 1 1/4 inch shaft/case sizes

-Taper Bearing Intermediate Shaft Kit (either size 1 1/8 or 1 1/4): $160

Including: Timken bearings and races, Special machined shaft, Special machined collar spacer, O-rings, Nut to secure shaft, and Washer.

-D-18/20 Intermediate gear special machining process (needed to accept races for the kit to work, through us or elsewhere): $140

Machining should take about 1 week time to completed, and is able to be done with either new or used intermediate gear regardless of tooth count for the D-18 and D-20.

This kit is made by Advance Adapters and is of very good quality, we have installed many of them and praise the functionality.

We offer this upgrade option to any D-18/20 transfercase we rebuild as well, at no additional labor charge to install.